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Services - 24/7 Emergency Clean-Up Available - (805) 290-5696

We serve all of Ventura County from Westlake Village to Carpentaria and Santa Barbara. Once you try us we are confident you will join our many repeat customers from all of Ventura County.
Honest Estimates 


All Services Included - There are no low-ball bait and switch tactics. One estimate covers everything! You will not get a laundry list of 'extra services' or 'upgrades' once I'm in your home.



Pre-Treatment Enzymes Included


I pre-treat all of the carpets with a special enzyme at no extra charge. This helps remove stains and begins breaking down the dirt immediately.  Many call this an upgrade and charge extra for it but I do it as standard procedure because it helps get your carpets truly clean. 


Hard Working

I do all my own work. I'm not sending out a lightly trained worker. You're getting the expert in your home and I work very hard at making SURE the dirt comes up and your carpets are deep-down clean.

Soft Water

I have a soft water conditioner in our system to make sure your carpets don't have any mineral build up which make it 'crunchy' when it dries.

Powerful Suction

We use a super-strong truck-mounted carpet cleaning system which heats the water and provides powerful water-lift to pull up dirt from the deepest regions of your carpet.


Premium Cleansers

I don't use cheap detergents. One can go to the local club store or industrial supply house and buy a harsh inexpensive detergent in drums!  It does save money, but tends to be harsh on the carpet, the air and I wouldn't put it in my own home. Some people are allergic to harsh detergents.  It's not worth it. I pay extra for the special boutique soap that I use because I want you to feel the softness when you walk on your carpets in bare feet.  And I don't want to wear out your carpets prematurely.



Tile and Grout

Your tile will look new again with our powerful tile steam cleaner! Plus we SEAL the grout, which is very porous, so it doesn't absorb the new dirt.



We can get your furniture sparkling clean too with the right equipment and cleansers.


Short Drying Time 

Since we pull up 90-95% of the water, and also use extremely quick drying fans, your carpets are dry in only a few hours.


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